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Various Artists “Return of American Skathic” – The Midwest Strikes Back! CD – (JUMP006 – OUT OF PRINT)

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The fourth volume in this hugely successful Midwest ska series, “Return of American Skathic” storms into 96 with an over-powering collection of 26 new ska bands (NONE appearing on previous Skathic CDS). Midwest Ska is growing at an alarming rate, with larger audiences and more bands playing than every before. And it’s not just a “2-Tone” revival, Midwest ska is more diverse than anywhere else, and this comp depicts this range with 60’s traditional jazz ska (Adjusters, Articles, & Space Heaters), 2-Tone pop style (Aks Mamma, Greenhouse, & Umbrella Bed), punx ska/ska core (Monsignors, Goofs, Eclectics, & Nostrilsaurus), 3rd wave modern ska (Skalawags, Skamakaze, Hot Stove Jimmy, & Jimmy Skaffa, Hubcaps), rock-steady reggae (Pressure Drop, Eric Blowtorch, & Spectre), and even x-rated Price Buster style skinhead ska (Deals Gone Bad). Return of American Skathic….Midwest Ska…there’s no stoppin it!


1. Skalawags, “Skank City”
2. Hot Stove Jimmy, “When I Go”
3. Skandals, “Assembly Line”
4. Monsignors, “Jeff’s Master Poo”
5. Jimmy Skaffa, “Spyhunter”
6. Adjusters, “Si Tu Luches”
7. Greenhouse, “Woman Around the Corner”
8. Spectre, “Face Monkey”
9. Eric Blowtorch, “Never Divide”
10. Pressure Drop, “Jezabel”
11. Jack Rabbit Slim, “Cuthroat Cafe”
12. Space Heaters, “Runaround Sue”
13. Articles, “Tijuana Toad”
14. Hubcaps, “Mafia vs Ninja”
15. Deals Gone Bad, “Up Your Ass”
16. Mad Butchers, “Give It Up”
17. Skamakaze, “Nice Guys Finish Last”
18. Goofs, “Rumorville”
19. Skamakaze, “Nice Guys Finish Last”
20. Tango Wedding Band, “Love Apathy”
21. Skamakaze, “Nice Guys Finish Last”
22. Eclectics, “Had Enough”
23. Nostrilsaurus, “Do You Remember”
24. Flux Skapacitor, “Crisis Situation”
25. Insyders, “Walking Dead”
26. Aks Mamma, “Scratch My Corps”
27. Umbrella Bed, “Why Would I Lie?”
28. Gadjits, “Corpse I Fell In Love With”

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