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Various Artists “Death of an American Skathic” – Midwest Ska’s Forgotten Past – (JUMP003 – OUT OF PRINT)

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The third in this popular Midwest ska series, returning hot on the heels of American Skathic 2–More Ska From America’s Breadbasket, which garnered acclaim from writers/DJ’s worldwide for exposing new bands doing many styles of ska. Alternative Press declared in their August ’95 issue “smart comps like these only increase the music’s visibility: smart people like you should be buying them” after noticing the disc’s CMJ College Radio chart power during the spring. In Chicago, American Skathic 2 sold-out Metro with 2600 people over two nights/12 bands, drawing top-billing from the Chicago Sun Times, Tribune, Reader, Illinois Entertainer, and long-time modern fave WXRT. Jump Up’s American Skathic series forced the world to notice Midwest ska’s potency, while at the same time sending fans into a frantic search for the music’s history. That’s where Death of an American Skathic fits in……18 tracks/16 bands that made all Midwest Ska possible! None of these tracks have ever appeared on CD, while the majority have never been released at all! Thrill to the new-wave ska sounds of Heavy Manners, who toured with the Clash back in the day; I.J.S & Elevators, whose members formed High Ball Holiday; State of Emergency, who later became Skapone; and Wild Kingdom, who was headhunted by major labels for their hyperactive, FISHBONE funk ska. Tom Collins & The Cocktail Shakers show how they were ahead of their time with heavy punk-rock ska that will blow your speakers off! And the SPECIALS-esque S.L.K will send a chill up your 2-Tone spine! In all, a diverse comp of old skool Midwest ska–a must for any ska fan, especially those completing the trilogy!

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1. Pickle Brown Betty, “Zsa Zsa Gabor’s Boy Scouts of Love”
2. Wild Kingdom, “Va Va Voom”
3. Tom Collins and the Cocktail Shakers, “Cereal Box”
4. International Jet Set, “Headache”
5. S.L.K., “Walk of the Mummy”
6. Erector Set, “Inside Out”
7. Jil Thorpe & the Beat Boys, “Central Intelligence”
8. Heavy Manners, “Babylonian Girl”
9. Blue Riddim Band, “Chariots of Fire”
10. Elevators, “Seasonal Whims”
11. Tom Collins & the Cocktail Shakers, “Witness”
12. State of Emergency, “Only Want to Be With You”
13. Etch-a-Sketch, “Too Late”
14. Java Dog, “10 Zen Men”
15. Urbations, “Skaffle”
16. Slackers, “Sensi Song”
17. Heavy Manners, “Hometown Ska”
18. Dick Tidrow, “Tidrow-A-Go-Go”
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