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THE OPERATORS “Self Titled Second Album” LP is here! Cool Concrete & Powder Blue Vinyl!


The Opertors “Self Titled Second Album”

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THE OPERATORS formed in late 2018 from members of Indianapolis ska/punk bands Circle City Decons, Harley Poe, Lockstep, & Indien, and by February 2019 the band’s debut demo EP was unleashed to the world. The band spent the next couple of years creating a captivating live show after the addition of Brittnay Brumfield as front woman, leading up to the release of their debut album “Leave The Light On” in November 2021.  THE OPERATORS deliver a mix of neo-traditional ska sounds with the energy of punk, full of constantly changing tempos/rhythms with a bright & tight horn section – for those around at beginning of the 90s ska scene, their sound would have fit alongside the hotbed of great “new” Moon Ska NYC acts like The Skalars, Easy Big Fella, Highball Holiday, Magadog, and Regatta 69 as well as legacy bands The Toasters, Let’s Go Bowling, The Pietasters, and New York Citizens. The band became a regular feature in Chicago and soon became darlings of The Slackers, who not only put them on two Slackfests but took them out on their first East Coast tour in 2024.  With an appearance at Skappleton 2024 and their forthcoming kick off for Supernova Ska Festival in September, this year could only have gotten better with a brand new record – which we have dropped today!

Compared to their debut, “Self Titled Second Album” is the the first where the band wrote together as a full unit including the additions of Brittany Brumfield & Sarah Harwood. The album is entirely self produced with music & lyrics contributed by five of the members, which lead to lots of diverse influences & styles being thrown together. Even though many of the songs were inspired by relationship turmoil, the overall vibe of these new songs is uplifting and hopeful. These eleven songs are an infectious mix of ska, reggae, punk, Latin & spacey vibes – and are meant to create an instant emotional and unavoidable reaction in your feet and legs. Let’s Dance! THE OPERATORS are steering a Modern Train To Skaville that nods to the music’s Jamaican roots while at the same time energizing the generation who grew up with Third Wave Ska. Hop on board!

Limited Edition Cool Concrete Silver & Powerder Blue vinyl.

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LP Vinyl (Concrete), LP Vinyl (Blue)


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