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MegaSuperUltra – “Back to Take Another Bow” CD – (JUMP044 – OUT OF PRINT)

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Check MegaSuperUltra out! This Chicago based power trio’s new release, “back to take another bow”, is a 9 -song follow up to their 1999 debut “Power Pop Art”. Heralded by Europe based Scootering Magazine “as good, and in some cases better than anything around during the ’79 Mod revival”. Revolver USA described their songs in this way ” …quick changes, starts, stops, clever lyrics and irresistible melodies”. MSU dodges the sophomore slump with this diverse collection ­ taking the listener on a guided tour of musical styles – while holding to their exciting foundation. A heaping helping of vintage Farfisa and horn arrangements dance through the songs ­ these thick – rich musical compositions hold true to the 2 minute 50 second pop standard in classic style. The snap of “New View” and “Hindsight” keep you guessing while the jazzy “Please” and acoustic driven “November’s Warning” make it immediately evident that MSU is expanding the boundaries of power pop since their last release.

In the past their style has been compared to Joe Jackson, The Jam, XTC, Elvis Costello, and England’s Detour Records artists. Listening to “Back to Take Another Bow”, you will find MSU as comfortable in this new style – which is all their own – as they are in their wore-torn coats. From the target and arrow littered lyric booklet – to the bands parka clad cover photo, and yes, even to the title of this recording – a quote taken from the Lambrettas “Beat Boys in the Jet Age”, MegaSuperUltra’s Mod look and style have remained intact.

Think of the scene in the film Quadrophenia, where there is a dance party in the basement of a smoky little hole in the wall club – and the band is pumping out rhythm and blues numbers – the girls are all dancing with each other – and the boys are popping pills and trying to look cool. That’s youth – in Britain, in the States – it doesn’t matter when or where. But behind all the emotion, the circumstances, the little stories of love and hate, of rivalry and allegiance, there’s the band – playing the music, putting down a beat – the rhythm of the conversation, the mood and dynamics of the night follow ­ MegaSuperUltra is that band! When you dial in – and listen, you can follow the music, follow the groove – enjoy the song, the vision – the moment. Get up and dance! This is the backbeat, the sway and the swagger ­ this is rock and roll!

For Fans of: The Strokes, Odd Numbers, Phobes, The Pills, The Get Set, Ted Leo/Chisel, The Shins, Detour Records

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