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LEO & THE LINEUP “Hit The Streets” LP vinyl (OUT OF PRINT)

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LEO & THE LINEUP – SKA got SOUL! With their brand new album this Danish 9 piece are not only hitting the streets, but also venues all across Europe – with their high octane soul-fueled mix of ska and dirty reggae tunes! Their charismatic singer and songwriter LEO directs a divine choir of beautiful ladies who will warm your hearts and your dancing feet! “HIT THE STREETS” is brimming over with stellar smash hits like the 2-TONE flavored “LIVE GOES BY”, the time tested party stomper “WOOLY BULLY”, and the sweet reggae ballad “MOLLY GIRL”, these Copenhageners are now in the premier league of the genre! For “old timers” like us we describe it as the ENGLISH BEAT, NAPOLEON SOLO, PEPPER POTS, THE SPECIALS, and THE PIETASTERS all wrapped up into one. It is THAT good my friends! Started in the middle of the 00’s, the band quickly caught on with their energetic live performances, and in 2008 released their first album. By 2010-2011 the band was selling out venues all across Copenhagen, leading to their 2012 self titled album released on two German labels Rocking Records & Grover Records. This 12 track album featured a mix of new studio songs and a few live tracks from their legendary shows, plus a collaboration with KING DJANGO. This album brought the band to the attention of JUMP UP and the rest is history!

When we heard the new tracks we were BLOWN AWAY. This ska/reggae (with SOUL!) act has a sound and stage presence seldomly seen. Their “backup” singers are far from being in the background – these girls are wild and kick the party up big time! They are a band based in a traditional ska foundation – but shoot that through a late 80s Unicorn-era 2-TONE revival cannon and you’ve got an idea of how amazing this band’s mix is.

JUMP UP is produd to release this new album on orange/marble vinyl, limited to 500 copies.

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