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DR RING DING – “Diggin’ Up Dirt” CD & LP (OUT OF PRINT) – (JUMP033)

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Dr Ring Ding burst out on the worldwide scene in 1996, releasing what many called THE most significant ska/reggae album of that year entitled “Dandimite”. What made that album so unique and endeared by fans worldwide was simple: Dr Ring Ding had lyrical skills of a true born Jamaican, and the profound knowledge of Jamaican riddims to combine vintage ska/rock-steady music with his new-found appreciation for dancehall. Dandimite’s authenticity was amazing, leading Dr Ring Ding and crew to back some of Jamaica’s all-time best: Skatalites’ members Doreen Schaffer and Lord Tanamo, and skinhead reggae superstar Judge Dread. Dr Ring Ding’s sophomore effort “Ram Di Dance” further explored his dominance for dancehall/ska, earning the young German numerous guest/remix opportunities in the United States, most notably with The Stubborn Allstars and an east-coast tour with The Toasters. Even before stepping foot on American soil, Dr Ring Ding had artists lining up to collaborate with him, and “DIGGIN’ UP DIRT” is this brilliant end result. It is significant, international, and multi-cultural like no other record the ska/reggae scene has even seen before. Taking tracks recorded during 1995-1999, Dr Ring Ding thoroughly tweeks them by a series of overdubs, re-mixes, and dub-mixes with help from NYC’s underground, including dancehall superstar ROCKER T, Stubborn All Stars main man KING DJANGO, SKATALITES original vocalist DOREEN SCHAFFER, and underground hip-hop sensation C-GLEF da MAD KOMPOSA and STORM da GHETTO MUTANT. In short, “DIGGIN’ UP DIRT” does just that; it overturns the staus quo that divides Jamaican music today, bringing 60’s ska/reggae together with 70’s dub and 90’s hip-hop/dancehall for an experience that destroys all bordersŠ.and creates something new for 2000.

For Fans of: The Skatalites, Skadanks, Stubborn All Stars, Rocker T, King Django, Deal’s Gone Bad, Hepcat, Skinnerbox


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