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ADJSKOIATSTwo classic 90′s ska gems BACK ON WAX for the first time in AGES thanks to GROVER Records Germany! THE SKOIDATS “A Cure For What Ales You” is a stretpunk/Oi! ska classic, this second album originally released on MOON SKA combines elements of THE SPECIALS, THE CLASH and  THE BUSINESS.  And as the ORIGINAL label to have discovered THE ADJUSTERS back in the 90′s here in Chicago, we are VERY happy to announce that “POLITICS OF STYLE” is back in print in LIMITED QUANTITIES! From tight ska instrumentals to gritty soul stompers, Chicago’s ADJUSTERS keep the backbeat steady and the rafters rockin’  with their Crucial Rhythm & Blues. THE ADJUSTERS were a ROOTS band in the true sense of the word, specializing in many genres of black music…ranging from Jamaican ska & reggae, Afro-Caribbean jazz, American Rhythm & Blues, Soul,  JB’s style funky grooves, and hip-shakin, British inspired Mod-funk!

BRACESPRIMEBRACESBLUEMRREVIEWHow exciting! The late 80′s European revival is alive and well through these fantastic vinyl reissues! I personally remember the excitement way back then when I realized that there WERE new ska bands performing all over the world – and labels like UNICORN and PORK PIE were at the forefront of this exciting new scene. The bands were influenced by British 2-Tone, the sound AND the style. Full horns, these bands made you DANCE! [click to continue…]

brooklynlpfrtbrooklynlpbackAnyone familiar with the American Reggae and Ska scene has already heard the work of the musicians in the BROOKLYN ATTRACTORS.  The group’s core line-up consists of New York City Reggae and Ska veterans, LARRY McDONALD, EDDIE OCAMPO, BIG DAN JESSELSOHN, BUFORD O’SULLIVAN, JUSTIN ROTHBERG, as well as Anant Pradhan and Luke Penella, two emerging musicians on the NY Jazz scene.  The group was created by Westbound Train trumpeter and Void Union co-founder RICH GRAIKO in 2011 as a way to pay homage to 1960′s era Jamaican and American instrumental music. [click to continue…]

dgb7inchpicLimited Edition 7 inch vinyl single on JUMP UP out NOW! “Shine” is taken from their new album “Heartbreaks & Shadows” (which will have in the webshop as soon as the boys get them back from the presses!), with a non-album b-side cover version of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s classic “Lodi”.  Very cool 1960′s “private press” Northern Soul style labels too! A true collectors edition, get them before they are gone! [click to continue…]

meowmeowslpAre you looking for a new high energy 2-TONE ska band that brings to mind the DANCE HALL CRASHERS and THE SPECIALS? We’ve got your new favorite band: MEOW MEOWS! In the three years since their debut they have earned rave reviews touring the UK and supporting some of 2 TONE’s biggest  names!  Producer Mike “PRINCE FATTY” Pelanconi (SKINTS, GRAHAM COXON, HOLLIE COOK) locked the band in his Brighton-based Ironworks studio to capture the raucous energy of their live shows which have made them firm festival favorites. The twelve brand new sixties-tinged tracks blend ska, reggae and garage rock to create an upbeat summer soundtrack.

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SKATISFACTIONphonnixcity An amazing haul of PHOENIX CITY CDs in stock now! Now in stock PHOENIX CITY ALL STARS “SKATISFACTION” – the all ROLLING STONES album!! This is incredible, a great listen from start to finish!  We’ve also got THE DUALERS “PRINCE BUSTER SHAKEDOWN” and the PHOENIX CITY ALL STARS “TWO TONE GONE SKA” CD! All three CDs are unique and original takes on classic vintage Jamaican ska! Read on….

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intensified-lunar-city-grooveINTENSIFEDFOGINTENcutnshutbigINTENSIFIED play authentic 60s style ska, rocksteady and reggae, the band’s goodtime feel, obvious love of this music and confidence has made earned them legendary status. Three studio albums, an early compilation album and a live album, plus several 7” singles have received much critical acclaim in the music press, fanzine world, on the web and on radio stations across the globe. [click to continue…]

godfatherofskaClassic LAUREL AITKEN classics back in stock on vinyl from GROVER RECORDS Germany! Only $12 each! See below for full tracklistings – these are some of the hottest singles of all time! We’ve been trying to get the GAZ MAYALL compiled “GODFATHER OF SKA” back in stock for over a year!

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TROJANSSMASHtrojansOne of our favorite bands from the 80′s, THE TROJANS created a unique roots/folk musical blend combining Gaelic, Russian, and Japanese music with Jamaican ska, rock steady, and reggae.  Lead by charismatic from man Gaz Mayall (son of blues legend John Mayall), the band has never stopped performing live and “SMASH IT!” is their first album in nearly 15 years! Released on SKA IN THE WORLD JAPAN, this 15 track CD is a true return to form! NOW AVAILABLE!  Limited edition YELLOW VINYL full length LP on GAZ’S ROCKING RECORDS! Very limited edition act fast!

BRANLARIANS-THE-The-First-And-Maybe-The-Only65-MINES-STREETagressorsbcWe’ve got another batch of shipments in – some great stuff here! First off, we finally have the CD version of the debut album from THE BRANLARIANS, a brilliant early reggae band from France. The LP is still available (see earlier post) – but we didn’t want to leave our CD people empty handed! 65 MINES STREET “FIX THE CLOCK” and THE AGGRESSORS B.C. “The Tone of the Times” are albums for fans of THE SKOIDATS, INSPECTER 7 and other streetpunk influenced bands. These are VERY ska, yet have a harder edge – put they are NOT third wavey kiddy ska-punk at all. Both have definite influences from late 70s punk be it THE CLASH, RUTS, or even THE REDSKINS. [click to continue…]